excerpts from the book

The Politics of War

the story of two wars which altered forever the political life of the American republic

by Walter Karp

Franklin Square Press, 1979, paper

Part I [Post-Civil War America, the Populist Movement, and the Spanish-American War and President William McKinley's annexation of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, invasion of Cuba, and the genocide and occupation of the Philippines]

The Eve of a Very Dark Night, The Broad Ground of a Common Humanity
An Uncommonly Dangerous Politician [President William McKinley]

Part II [President Woodrow Wilson, World War I, and the End of the American Republic]

"The People Are Through with Party Government", "A Man of High Ideals but No Principles"
"Never Before Were More Lies Told.", "We Do Not Covet Peace At The Cost Of Honor", "A Hopelessly False Position"
"The National Conscience Is Clear", "The Old America That Was Free and Is Now Dead"

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