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Q What exactly are the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission?

A The Bilderberg Club is an international decision making centre named after a hotel near the Dutch town of Oosterbeek where its first convention took place in 1954. Its headquarters is in The Hague in Holland. In its conventions two types of people take part we can call the 'protagonists' and the 'supernumerary'. The supernumerary are something like guest speakers, they are only allowed to speak a few minutes and always on the first day of the convention. The Guidance Committee of the Club protagonists is made up of Americans and Europeans from the developed countries, never has a person from the Third World been on it. The Club is made up of people with conservative 'aberrations' such as Giovanni Anieli, Luns, Rothschild etc. The Bilderberg Club's president is today James Callahan, British ex-prime minister and his assistant is the ex-General Secretary of NATO, Lord Carrington. Maybe you remember that in 1993 the Club met in Greece, in the Asteras hotel in Bouliagmeni. The Bilderberg Club today controls 33% of the world's wealth. Some members of the Bilderberg Club, without having departed from it officially, established in June 1973 a new, more powerful group, the Trilateral Commission led by David Rockefeller, president of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Members of the Trilateral Commission operate in parallel with but somewhat above the Bilderberg Club as a centre of research and analysis. The founding members of the Trilateral Commission are Sirus Vance and Warren Christopher. David Rockefeller is president and Zbigniew Brzezinski is chief executive. The Trilateral Commission manages 60% of international wealth.

Q How do those centres get so much power?

A I think it is obvious that they take the power from the international wealth they control and from the various political appointments, presidents and prime ministers (which are mostly technocrats) which they control and guide.

Q But how is possible to select candidates? Do top politicians accept being only token leaders of their countries?

A This is a reasonable question but remember, human ambition has no limits. Skilful people exist that do not care for means nor consequences in order to rise to the top of their country's leadership. The selection for suitable protagonists to serve the two centres is made after checked information which analysts of the NSA [U.S. National Security Agency] have collected, with the help of organisations such as CIA, DIA and DEA. The NSA personal reports are transferred in the end to the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Club. The Committee meets secretly and the conclusion is sealed in a special envelope which is then given to the Bilderberg Club and Trilateral Commission presidents. The presidencies approve the decision almost 99% of the time. Qualifications for candidates are very fluid, [joke?] I mean elastic consciousness or, if you want, plasticity, to comply with the international decision making philosophy. Another element of control is that they must not disturb the global balance. This is essential because this balance has nothing to do with the balance of the world but simply balance of the global profit and loss account. The members must globally ensure the income of the two international centres funds.

Q But didn't that happen also in the past?

A In the past if someone was a prime minister or a president he would have come into conflict with the great powers, he would have been characterised as 'troublemaker' and underminer of liberty and then would have been 'vanished' politically or biologically. Today the politicians are servants whose masters do not allow them to make any independent moves. You have seen in the recent German elections (which happened at the same time as our [Greek] council elections) that the French were the ones that were celebrating the victory of Kohl because the Mark is supporting the French Franc. The leaders no longer have any freedom. You likewise are probably obliged to your friends to take them into consideration in your own moves and plans.

Q Could you give us an example?

A Let's imagine that this, or the next, Greek government had the will to solve the Albanian and Turkish problem and the dispute between Greece and the former Yugoslavia for Macedonia. What would they do? Just 300 men are enough to invade the Aktio base in Preveza, Western Greece, which belongs to the NSA and then every problem would be solved. If this base were occupied all communications in the Balkans and Turkey would be paralysed. But such a move would need much courage.

Q What are the methods, groups and structures of the global decision making centres?

A The methods that are being used are simple; I promote you as a president, prime minister, military leader; you satisfy your vanity and have ethical and economical profits. In return you have to blindly obey us. If not we destroy you by corruption, forced resignation or assassination. At least this is what happened up until now.

Q What tendencies do you see in those centres today then?

A These days you can see a tendency for renewal. And therefore it was decided in the last Bilderberg meeting to give the people 2% percent more of their international wealth, something that the old ones did not accept. There are conflicts between conservatives and more liberal types. But I believe the last will in the end dominate.

Q Recently, humanity watched anxiously the collapse of the Soviet Union. Which dynamics led to this collapse and what did it really mean?

A The collapse of the Soviet Union was begun in 1973 by the Trilateral Commission and part of the Bilderberg Club. The members who left Bilderberg and formed the Trilateral Commission used shock tactics and have brought the control of the remains of the Soviet Union to the Bilderberg. This was made possible because in the Summer of 1973, 30 July specifically, The Trilateral Commission controlled 60% of global wealth with their World Bank. So it became the dominator of the game. The purpose of the Soviet Union's collapse is to demonstrate internationally the failure of the Communist ideology and present it as a system that is inhuman. Besides this, because the population of the earth is growing, the extra 2% that will be given to the people will be granted to the Soviet Union out of the mining of their geological mineral wealth. The soviet people must be educated as consuming citizens as in the west. In order to control those people many new countries will be created that will not have constant peace.

Q What is the role of the International Monetary Fund?

A The International Monetary Fund is a branch of the World Bank. Today, most countries are obliged to borrow money because they cannot get it from private capital or from other countries. This necessity occurs either because of a failure to manage public resources or because the 5 year plan failed or because there is internal turmoil etc.. There exist of course also politicians that redeem the sympathy of the people by offering them short-term material comforts and asking from them the minimum of their possible efforts. They do this of course with money they take from the national budget that should be normally given to development projects. Anyway, the point is that sometimes countries reach a dead-end. When this happens the IMF exploits the circumstances: it grants a pre-approval of the loan to those countries but with its own conditions. This means that you will get the loans from the banks (that are all controlled by the World Bank) if you take specified measures which are almost every time anti-social. This results in turmoil in the society. The government panic. In order to calm down the turmoil even more money must be borrowed. In this way the government finally gets totally controlled by the IMF. Let's take for example the Greek education system. 60% of the Education Ministry outlays are coming from loans of the IMF. So it is not at all odd that from the 150.000 kids only 40.000 go to the public universities. All the above explain also why public works in our country always begin but never end.

Q What are the global decision making centres most afraid of?

A One is the soft spot of the global leaders (even if this sounds impossible) and this lies in their constant fear whether someday the people wake up and demand the wealth that is rightly theirs. The same happened in the ex-Soviet Union. The NSA had information that some people were leading millions of soviets to a revolution in order to get back more than 70 years stolen wealth. They were informed about this movement in time and prevented it by dismembering the country.

Q You mentioned before an enormous in power organisation, the NSA.

AYes, that's right. The NSA (National Security Agency) was founded on 4th November 1952 by president Truman and its headquarters is at Fort Mead USA. It has more than 2,000,000 agents and scientists all over the world. There is no committee in Congress, not even any laws that control their activities. In reality there is not even an act to affirm its establishment. There exist only documents to protect it. The security standard is very high and its electronic equipment is unique. It has the most perfect computer centre in the world. Its computers are gathering and analysing daily all the information from the hundreds of monitoring stations that are on the whole planet and in this way they oversee the telecommunications of both the friendly and enemy countries. The Greek part of the NSA network is the American base of Aktio. It is equipped with scores of satellites which, for example, monitor the movements of the Serbs or of Saddam and in seconds they inform the headquarters of the organisation. If you ask someone which is the biggest secret service in the world, they might mention the CIA, DIA or KGB. The NSA has deliberately cultivated the impression that the secret services of USA that do everything are the CIA and the DIA. Many books and articles have been written about these secret services. But of the NSA no-one has ever written anything. In reality the better known services are executive organs of the NSA which, from its side, is the executive organ of the two global decision making centres that we mentioned before; the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission. Remember, the NSA manufactures politicians (presidents and prime ministers) always according to the orders of the two global centres. It recruits geniuses from all over the world, it is said that it is the inventor of the infections of the modern world and of many more things that it is impossible for the simple human mind to hold.

QHow can anyone manufacture politicians?

A You mean well built?!! There is a committee of politician manufacturing whose president is David Rockefeller with vice president Richard Foren, who is a leading consultant to General Electric. Members of this committee are Henry Kissinger, Alexander Hague, Toshio Nakamura, Edmold Rothschild, Jovianni Anielli, Sirus Vans, Charles Duncan (ex-president of Coca- Cola) and Helmut Schmidt. The politicians that are going to be presidents or prime ministers are approved or turned down by the above council which meets once a month in the central building of the NSA. When the candidate is approved or disapproved the brainwash from the Mass Media begins. Money is given from the Central Banks to help establish a party, campaign etc.. At the same time the other secret services take orders so that the NSA plan is carried out.

Q What do you see in the near future? Will the status quo remain or will there be changes in the world?

A I think that the changes will begin in the area of Saudi Arabia, changes that will have an effect on the whole international scene. I predict the fragile balance of the oil cartels will be altered when 3-4 oil wells of Aramco's cartel are bombed. This will mean an increase in the price of petroleum products. The cartels for one or two years will have low profits. If this happens Greece, with its oil, can play a leading role. Here we will have a repeat of the Onasis phenomenon which was recently made public with all its twisted situations. This time Greece can play a leading role in Europe because the economic strength of its oil will make it the 3rd power in the European Union. I mean that England will loose its oil wells in the Black Sea, which belong to BP and Shell, at the same time as the coup d'etat in Saudi Arabia. It is very possible that the geographic borders of Greece with Turkey, former Yugoslavia and Albania will change and also the borders of Germany and Poland (the Oderneisser line). England will loose Scotland because the Scottish autonomists will blow its oil wells. After the IRA has made an agreement with England a part of it will go to support the Scottish Nationalists. Being under high pressure, and after having passed the economic convulsion which will lead to the global shock we mentioned before, the world's economy will make an opening to China. China, of course, will ask for something in return. An exchange could be India. What does this mean? It means that China will be allowed to invade India under false pretences. The Bilderberg Club will supply India, and the Trilateral Commission will renew the armour of China. In this war, in order to reduce the world's population, the neutron bomb will be used. One time general of NATO's army, Alexander Hague, was fighting off proposals for the neutron bomb, so on 29th June 1979 they tried to assassinate him. If this happens Pakistan and Turkey will be dragged in, and Turkey will split up in two halves, Eastern and Western part. If this happens Tansu Ciller will put Turkey in the European Union. Taking this opportunity I should tell you that within the vast changes that will happen in the near future is a step-up of the Ecumenical Patriarchy of Konstantinopolis. I mean that it will play a more important role than today. Already Ciller has a draft law ready for the Turkish parliament if conditions allow it. In this law the Patriarchy will become a separate state, something like the Vatican.

Q Except for exploiting the global wealth where else do the two global decision centres target? Isn't it a little bit unreasonable to say that a small group of humans does affect and control almost all the countries on earth? How do they manage not to loose control of them?

A Let's make something clear. Everyone that is in either the Bilderberg Club or in the Trilateral Commission is just a representative of the global cartels. Allied cartels choose some persons to represent them in the above decision making centres. Their opinion for the international trend they favour depends on the cartel they represent. Besides as cartel people the only thing that they understand is profit rates. The protagonists in those decision making centres just bring gold to the cartels. Exceptional members such as Rockefeller, Mitsubishi etc. are just bright exceptions or as it was before in the Trilateral Commission Paul Austin the boss of Coca-Cola that was sleeping during all talks and resolutions! Therefore the Bilderberg Club and Trilateral Commission propose to the people of the cartels such as Rockefeller, Hunt etc. the international politics that they will follow. The second part of your question has this answer. In 1963 the Kennedys tried to reduce tension between the USA and the USSR and to stop the war in Vietnam. But the cartels had budgeted that they would collect billions of dollars with the continuation of the investments in armour and the war. John Kennedy knew that they would kill him. He decided to get sacrificed because of his illness (an old injury in the back bone which caused horrible pains) and believed that they would stop there. They took off the scene also Robert Kennedy who would certainly win the next election and would stop the war. Nixon dared to reduce the dispute this means that he did not continue the war till 1978 but did stop him at 1973. Therefore they involved him in the Watergate scandal and they sent him packing. So the control and the guidance is in their hands. The two global centres as well as the 'legal' governments also have persons involved in matters that have nothing to do with politics. They are bankers, ship-owners, industrialists and higher civil servants. They collect information and transmit it to the centres. There the resolutions and the proposals follow. After the proposals the falldown and as a last solution death.

Q How can us humans react to this totalitarianism? What hope is there?

A The only thing that the two global centres are afraid is World Public Opinion. If the citizens of the countries get informed and realise that they are not governed by their politicians they will maybe learn to react. This reaction can take many forms. For example, politicians may refuse to work for specific circles of interests. Then the pressure is obvious. They do take it seriously in mind. Then they will play the governments to and fro. Bring the army onto the streets. And when they make sure that there is no solution the main government committee must be directly summoned to draw up new guide lines. It is obvious that the old main government committee must resign immediately and a new one must be elected.

Q Are there opponent groups that want the people to wake up?

A There are secret groups which came out from the global decision making centres themselves. I am paid by NATO to be against monopolies and against the big bosses themselves. This luxury allows the fast conversion of other colleagues or people from the cartels so that they finally get persuaded that instead of having $1 trillion a year profits, to have something lower. But this small difference can help thousands of families. A few such persons do exist and act against those two global centres. One of them is Oppenheimer the son, that lives now in the eastern part of Moscow. His father lives in the western part. The son Oppenheimer is against the power structure. He agrees to reduce (very barely of course) his profit rates. His father doesn't. Let us note here that his father convinced the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission to bring down Gorbachev who sold Russian diamonds for 468 dollars a carat. Then he promoted Yeltsin, who sells them for 69,7 dollars a carat. If the people of Russia do not rise up they will have to wait for Oppenheimers death, for until then they will not prosper.

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