excerpts from the book

F.D.R. - My Exploited Father-in-Law

by Curtis B. Dall

Revised Edition, 1968



Pg. ii:

The American people are not reared and trained to become international minded schemers. As a result, we have become the ready victims of those who have been reared and steeped in that type of training. In addition, as a people, we are too inclined to hedonism, deeply absorbed in a program of pleasure. Toward that end, we are being encouraged and daily "moulded" by our foreign influenced press, radio, and TV programs. We are encouraged to become absorbed in the trivial, for obvious reasons, by dedicated world planners.

Let us not fool ourselves. The wealth, freedom and liberty of the American people are being stolen and steadily nibbled away. Today, as easy suckers, we are buying many over priced, political "benefits," all paid for, of course, with our own hard-earned money!

We have also been goaded into trying to run the affairs of other nations which yields a fine profit for the world money powers who are in the know on credits and markets. Whether you realize it or not, that has all been planned for you in just that way.


Pg. iii:

Furthermore, our land has been and is being flooded with vast numbers of "image making" books, carefully written about numerous important citizens in public life, which aim to further certain long range international policies.

False images and "managed news," however, will soon lead to the destruction of a free people, if we allow it. "We" means you and me. It is for you, primarily, that this book has been written.

There are those, no doubt, who may disagree with some observations that appear in this book. That is quite all right with me. However, by all means let such a voice come forward suitably, not to disagree and not to disprove, but to improve! My only request is that the well known "smear technique," so frequently employed as an argument, be replaced with facts, not by smears that approach blackmail handed out by anyone, including some well paid columnists. I do not plan to retreat.

Well do I recall a meaningful observation - "It is better to light one small candle in a dark room than to live forever in the dark!"

I hope this, my modest "candle," may burn brightly and be of some value to my fellow citizens here and also to citizens of other lands. Then, the "dark room" may thereby become a bit "lighter."



Curtis Dall


Pg. 67:

I did not foresee also that the Professor (Felix Frankfurter) would be quoted, in due course, as saying, "The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes." This startling observation is somewhat a paraphrase of a statement by Benjamin Disraeli, who, in 1844, published his novel, Coningsby, in which occurs the passage, "So you see, my dear Coningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Pg. 71:

Long before World War I broke out, Bernard Baruch was an important figure in Wall Street. After World War I, he became a Titan!

By 1914, Bernard Baruch had developed two unusual qualities. First, those of an able financier, a man with an alert, broad vision. Secondly, he was one who had gained the confidence of important world politicians and world money powers. This combination of talents caught the "eye" of world money and the "ear" of world political leaders, those who actually groom and select the candidates for President and Vice President in advance, for both the Republican and Democratic Party slates.

If, perchance, some readers should be startled by that observation, I am most sympathetic with them and their feelings, because I was likewise startled when I first learned about that situation. Then I began to study the matter, which is a subject not appearing in high school or college textbooks, but emerges only from much explorative work, and placing the pieces together to form a mosaic.

Before World War I, it was said that "Barney" Baruch was worth a million dollars or more. After World War I was over, it was alleged that he was worth about two hundred million dollars, a suitable figure for a Titan.

Pg. 108:

Col. House became alerted to Woodrow Wilson when the latter became Governor of New Jersey, in Trenton; when he began to make "political nesting noises", directed to the top king makers, the early one worlders. With the approval of the advisors, Col. House became duly affixed to Woodrow Wilson and became his political self starter, advisor, and alter ego.

Pg. 111:

Harry Hopkins, to aid the internationalists' program, was planted in the White House by the Advisors after Louis Howe's death. Thus, Harry Hopkins became a "second Colonel House", close to FDR. Hopkins operated far more openly as an internationalist puppet, pointing to one world government via a long range strategy route, operating right from the White House.

Pg. 112:

For six years the stock market and other markets had been rising. Huge profits had been parlayed from modest starts by many people. Much of it was on paper. Most all the market prognosticators were still bullish and advised the market was a "buy" on important reactions. Roger Babson, a well known investment counselor, had been continually sounding a note of caution, that stocks were a "sale" on strong points. Of course, he had been wrong for a long while, but on October 24, 1929, he was more than right.

On one or two previous occasions the Panic had nearly started. Perhaps the stock market had been probed by powerful forces. Perhaps some foreign interests were getting out, first, those who sought and planned the downward readjustment of prices for profit.

Pg. 113:

As I recall it, Sir Winston Churchill appeared about 2:15 in the Visitor's Gallery as a "spectator". He was here in this country, allegedly, on what was blandly described by him as a Lecture Tour. No one on the Stock Exchange Floor, however, paid the slightest attention to him, but he got an eye full. Perhaps he had lunched with Mr. Baruch. Perhaps he had been invited to see "the show" which some feel was planned several months previously.

Pg. 115:

There was not much "wrong" in Wall Street, to use Louis' word. There were a few minor points or areas, as I viewed it, such as improvements in the role of the Specialist, more public information pertaining to short selling, more complete information supplied in statements on certain phases of an offering prospectus, on new issues of a company's securities such as the stock position of "insiders " and details about their options on company stock. That was about all I could properly come up with. It had nothing to do with Federal Reserve Bank control over interest rates, credits, and the available supply of call money, and credit in general. The "wrongness" stemmed from the top level manipulators, here and abroad! Face it!

The main problem, as I saw it, was control over the supply of money, which controls interest rates and the call money market which, in turn, effects the broad market action of stocks, either up or down. That topic was quite beyond my ken at the time and even if FDR had understood it, which is doubtful, he would not have dared to touch it or he would have been a political dead duck! He received much "advice, on that matter.

Anyway, I wrote an honest, carefully prepared memo to "the Boss", via Louis, on "Wall Street", as requested. Louis didn't like it! My memo gave him the distinct impression that Wall Street had a great deal of good in it, which it has! Louis wanted me to set up a ruthless, fire breathing dragon, as it were, against which FDR, clad m political armor, could bravely sally forth to meet, and play. During the next 100 days of campaign activity, Louis and I had sharp arguments on that matter which created a coolness between us.

Nothing was ever heard of my memo and constructive criticism ... but Louis immediately got others to do a real tailor made political job on Wall Street and thus was born another federal bureaucratic Commission. The S.E.C., in due course, became a paradise. for political lawyers, for them, a bonanza.

Pg. 115-116:

"Political professors" were carefully selected who reacquainted the people with the alphabet, as applied to numerous new Commissions, Departments and Agencies set up in Washington, staffed, of course, by the protégés of the Advisers and their C.F.R, mentors. In that connection, the advice of Professor Frankfurter was important. His non disapproval was necessary.

Pg. 116:

Others have observed that Frankfurter's trademark has been the practice of placing compliant Puppets in positions of importance within the government, willing tools who eventually formed the greatest network of agents ever to operate in this country under one man.

The yammering about the imperfections and misdoings of Wall Street soon quieted down after the ballot counting ritual of the previous November. Louis Howe, aided by important Now Deal lawyers, including my classmate, James Landis, and others, itching to flex their wings in flights over a vast new area, were busy hatching the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This Commission was to effect certain needed improvements, to be sure, but in reality is directly aimed to extend Federal Government Control over much of the country's financial machinery. For awhile, no one in the investment field could even shave or have breakfast without seeking the advice of a lawyer who "knew someone" in Washington. Even then, one had to shave in the proper direction, for comfort, or go on a recommended reducing "diet."

Pg. 170:

I refer to the One Worlders Revolutionary Take over Program, implemented by the self styled United Nations on behalf of the world money powers, their sponsors.

The concept of a global United Nations apparatus did not suddenly emerge out of thin air! Obviously, no one could have suddenly provided the vast sums of money needed to successfully promote it. Hence, the long planned for U.N. operation for self serving wars, a slick undertaking, was worth a great deal of money to a few people here and abroad, ambitious for more power and more wealth. Who? In 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference, held at Versailles, when "Peace" was featured by its noticeable absence, the League of Nations was unfolded. It was carefully planned by a foreign clique, to be sold to President Wilson and then, sold by him to this Country. World Bankers were its leading advocates and sponsors.

Not to be daunted by the failure of the League of Nations, this same high level, money clique decided to keep the "One-World" concept alive for self serving reasons, and promptly planned for a new vehicle, aided by plenty of spade work in advance, that looked ahead twenty five years or so to successfully trap the American people.

Pg. 170-171:

In order to make certain that there would be no possible slip this time, an organization was created by them called The Council On Foreign Relations (C.F.R.), to carefully train men for various areas of operation and to suitably mold their ideological, political, financial, military, and educational objectives. In London, England, there was also created a Counterpart called The Royal Institute of International Affairs. The World phase of these two groups is known as The Bilderbergers, headed by H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Its headquarters are often in Holland.

Pg. 171:

The first important financial donation to the C.F.R., and there had to be a first one, of course, was made by one of the Rockefeller Family Foundations, in 1919. Since then, there have been other donations of size. President Wilson's advisor, Col. House, initially "fronted" the new C.F.R. U.N. promotion for the Internationalists, with Mr. Baruch and Mr. Frankfurter looking over his shoulder.

Hence, upon looking back over many centuries, it is apparent that those who now seek to develop a so called "One-World Government", are ever so closely linked up with the One World Bankers and the Political Speculators of old. Thus, little basic improvement has been made in our modern social structure, particularly since 1913, when Woodrow Wilson became President. In fact, the structure is even more dangerous today, due to the development of new scientific tools that greatly facilitate the speed of global financial operations, controlled by a few.

Pg. 172:

First: "Give me control over a Nation's Currency and I care not who makes its Laws." This awesome statement comes from Meyer Amschel Rothschild, the head and founder of the vast banking complex bearing his name. Today, that empire has acquired unconstitutional control of much of the money and wealth of the U.S.A. by means of its effective control of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank system. Abraham Lincoln tried hard to prevent such a situation.

Upon the base of several ancient Secret European groups Adam Weishaupt, on May Ist, 1776 (the May Day of the Communists), founded or re created an Order which he called Ile Illuminati, or The Enlightened Ones. Weishaupt was a member of a Bavarian Catholic family, educated by the Jesuits. His personal religion, however, gradually deteriorated and, in due course, it became the worship of Evil. His scheme was a World Revolutionary Conspiracy which aimed to destroy all existing Governments and Religions. In lieu of same, he planned to set up a One World Government controlled, however, by a carefully chosen Despot. This was in 1776.

"In 1841, Clinton Roosevelt published a book called The Science of Government Founded in Natural Law. That book embodies Weishaupt's pattern of a One World, 'U.N.' type Dictatorship."

Pg 173:

Interestingly enough it was One World Money, largely, that financed Woodrow Wilson's successful major political safari, and safely delivered him into the White House. Thereafter, he was its "Good Man Friday" and dutifully performed! He was promptly urged to reverse our country's long established Foreign Policy from one of Nationalism and Profit to one of Internationalism and Debt! He was the object of very great foreign pressure to commit this Country to Europe's World War I. Vast war profits amassed by it found their way to the coffers of World Bankers on both sides of that conflict.

Upon returning from the unsuccessful Peace Conference at Versailles, President Wilson stated, "There is a secret force at work in Europe which we were unable to trace." My feeling is that Col. House, his adviser, readily understood and could easily trace it.

Pg. 173-174:

Could Lenin have known far in advance that General Patton would not be allowed to take Berlin? Could the C.F.R. have planned those matters that far in advance for us to "lose" World War II? Perhaps they did have the blueprint then for the great "no win" policy. So it appears.

Again quoting, "Thru their cunning, this international crowd manipulated the United States into three wars, where we had no business; in which we could gain nothing."

Pg. 174:

I was further astounded as the news leaked out that Alger Hiss, one of the Chief Architects of the U.N. Charter had previously agreed to a secret deal with Molotov, and other top Soviet Leaders, that the Permanent Military Head of the United Nations must always be a Red Russian. Such has been the case!

Pg. 180:

If we should become "United" our civilization, culture and heritage, as we know it, by a sudden decision of the shadowy, top "Uniters", could slip back hundreds of years! That is exactly what the U.N. Top Planners overlook. However, stripped of all their double talk they, themselves, do not intend to slip. They think that they can deftly ride through a world revolution on the wings of their money bags and power, into a new One World Government and the 99 1/2 per cent of us here at home, cannot! Hence, we are slated by them to become Peasants, mere pawns in an attempted One World Assembly Line Show! A "show" which would not last long, even if, perchance, it should have a dour, rubble smelling, opening night, playing to a well nigh empty house!

In respect to Adlai Stevenson's reported words, "coming to grips" with the "Central Theme", it certainly appears that we are not "coming to", but are now already in the grip, of a well financed "Central Theme", namely the superbly organized C.F.R. One World Group! Our best move today, as citizens, is to quickly recognize this dangerous situation and, as previously urged, withdraw from "suckership" in the United Nations. Referring to Adlai Stevenson's quoted remark, "the U.N. soldier is like no other", that observation is quite true. He is, in fact, not a soldier at all, but a thinly disguised, Secret Policeman, acting on behalf of the Bilderberger C.F.R. war mongering U.N.

Pg. 181:

The unstated objective of the U.N. Soldier however is to enable the C.F.R. sponsors of the U.N. to acquire, directly or obliquely, for their banking over lords and friends, vast new areas rich in natural resources. Thereupon, they inject a new political "democratic" government; promptly to establish a new controlled monetary system, of course, and then proceed to set in motion plans to exploit and market those natural resources. In effect, it is well organized plundering of numerous underprivileged nations on the grand scale, with you and me as misinformed Americans, paying for most of the cost of acquiring those new markets and profits for the top proprietors of the U.N.

Pg. 182:

To me, there is but one nice feature about the whole United Nations set up in New York City. That is the colorful group of flags of many nations, outside. On a brisk day these flags flutter. Little children are brought there from all over by their parents to see them. They stare and clap their little hands at the pretty sight.

This is the well planned picturesque view, outside the U.N. building. Inside, however, the representatives of the subsidized free wheeling member nations are fluttering, awaiting the proposed coming of the U.N. attempted "Peace" - that of a Godless, Dictatorship of the One Money One World Super State.

Should such a day ever arrive, all our personal Freedom, all Religions, all our Liberty, would play no part. For you and for me, nothing would be left of all that save bitter memories at the coming of Dark.

Pg. 188:

Many people say it is "impossible" to start a "Third Party", because of the cost and the difficulty in getting an organization set up to manage it. In some respects that is true. However, a "Third Party", in reality, is a Second Party because of the joint ownership, or working control, of both Democratic and Republican parties centered in New York by the One World Money, One World Power-Group.

Pg. 189:

Before the Money Forces, now cower the once two great major parties of our Constitutional Republic; the real choice today available for our people should be Conservative vs. Liberal. (A Liberal Party without One World Socialist Communist contamination, if possible.)

No doubt professional politicians, when reading those words, will smile wanly, and yawn. That does not impress me! I readily recall the Thirteen Colonies of our Constitutional Republic were not started by political "fat cats", nor was the Republic of Texas. People of character, believing in God, started both! It is high time for this nation to put on a clean political "collar", and a clean political "shirt", one not overloaded with political "B.O." and the stench of corruption arising from the Washington scene.

It we don't do this promptly, we will be left with no "shirt!"

Doubtless some duly selected appointees of the Image Makers will arise attempting to refute some remarks appearing in this book, remarks not welcome to image makers, by means of detractions aimed at me. That is understandable. Let any such efforts at detractions however, approach me from the front - not come from behind, a technique frequently used.

I have depicted the "Goliath", here, and I have fashioned "A Stone for Goliath", as it were, aiming it directly at the center of the target. Hence, behold it: the Federal Reserve Board with its shadowy new international counterparts, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Prince Bernhard's far-flung Bilderberger Group and lastly their discredited stooge, the self described United Nations.

Pg. 190:

A needed public monument for Woodrow Wilson is suggested to mark a most important event in December, 1913, when by an Act, he delivered a mis-informed Congress (meaning you and myself), into the awaiting clutches of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank group with its powerful Board of Governors, making billions by printing our own money for a very small fee, and then charging us interest on our own credit! (It is an incredibly expensive operation for intelligent people to condone!)

Added public recognition must be accorded to Woodrow Wilson for his unremitting efforts in pushing this country into the intricate pattern of European Wars, to repay a personal pre election political debt, by piling great debt and losses upon his country.

Pg. 190-191:

The distinguished English writer, A. K. Chesterton aptly comments about Global Goals, and I quote from his revealing and brilliant book, "The New Unhappy Lords."

"The final act of Bretton Woods, which gave birth to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the Dumbarton Oaks Conference which created the United Nations and all its agencies, the Havana Conference which produced the General Agreement in Tariffs and Trade, and many similar assemblies of hand picked functionaries were not incubated by hard-pressed Governments engaged in waging war, but by a Supranational Money Power which could afford to look ahead to the shaping of a post war world that would serve its interest."[13] (Italics mine.)

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