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" The great multinationals are unwilling to face the moral and economic contradictions of their own behavior - producing in low-wage dictatorships and selling to high-wage democracies. Indeed, the striking quality about global enterprises is how easily free-market capitalism puts aside its supposed values in order to do business. The conditions of human freedom do not matter to them so long as the market demand is robust. The absence of freedom, if anything, lends order and efficiency to their operations."

William Greider, journalist and author


Secrets of the Temple

Fortress America

Stop the World I Want to Get Off

One World Ready or Not

Who Will Tell the People


" Everyone's values are defined by what they will tolerate when it is done to others. "

William Greider, journalist and author



One World Ready or Not
Fortress America


Time to Rein in Global Finance
Media and Trade: A Love Story
Waking Up the Global Elite
If Politics Got Real
The Last Farm Crisis
Stupefied Democracy
Sovereign Corporations
Pro Patria, Pro Mundus-which side are "borderless" corporations on
The Right and US Trade Law: Invalidating the 20th Century
Crime in the Suites
The End of Empire
Rolling Back the 20th Century
Greenspan's Con Job (3/04)
Iraq as Vietnam (5/04)
Under the Banner of the 'War' on Terror (6/04)
All the King's Media (11/05)
America's Economic Free Fall (8/08)
We're Screwed on Everything From Health Care to the Economy If the Dems Don't Shape Up (6/09)
A Dark Hole of Democracy: How the Fed Prints Money Out of Thin Air (7/09)

" Americans cannot teach democracy to the world until they restore their own."

William Greider, journalist and author

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