Population Control

excerpted from the book

Seeds of Destruction

The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

by F. William Engdahl

Global Research, 2007


By the end of the 1980's, backed by the new clout of the WTO and the full support from the White House, the genetic seed giants began to get visibly intoxicated by the possibilities of taking over the world's food supply. They all were working feverishly on a new technology which would allow them to sell seed that, would not reproduce... The process was soon known as "Terminator" seeds.

... No matter that the vast majority of the world's farmers were too poor to afford the Monsanto GMO license and other seed fees, and had re-used seed for thousands of years before.

... If farmers tried to save the seeds at harvest for future crops, the seeds produced by these plants would not grow... As one critic put it, "In one broad, brazen stroke of his hand, man will have irretrievably broken the plant-to-seed-to plant-to-seed cycle, the cycle that supports most life on the planet. No seed, no food ... unless you buy more seed."

Terminator corn, soybeans, or cotton seeds had been genetically modified to "commit suicide" after one harvest season. The inbuilt gene produced a toxin just before the seed ripened, whereby in every seed the plant embryo would self-destruct. The Terminator seeds would automatically prevent farmers from saving and reusing the seed for the next harvest. The technology was a beautiful means of enforcing Monsanto or other GMO patent rights and fees, especially in developing economies where patent rights were little respected.

... A second, closely related technology which held priority R&D funding by the gene multinationals in the late 1990's was T-GURT seeds, the second generation of Terminator. T-Gurts, or Trait Genetic Use Restriction Technologies, were nicknamed "Traitor' a reference to the plant trait features of the genetic technology used.

... Traitor technologies relied on controlling not only the plant's fertility, but also its genetic characteristics.

... Growth of the plant can be controlled by the application or withholding of a chemical inducer.

... A GMO crop of rice or corn would only be resistant to certain plagues or pests after use of a specific chemical compound, which would only be available from Monsanto, Syngenta, or other owners of patent rights to the specific Traitor seeds. Farmers trying to buy seed from the "illegal" seed market would not be able to get the special chemical compound needed to "turn on" the plant's resistance gene.

Traitor technology offered a unique chance to open an entire new captive market for Monsanto and the others to sell their agrichemicals. Furthermore, Traitor was cheaper to produce than, the complicated Terminator seeds. Not widely publicized, the fact about Traitor technologies was that with them it was also possible to develop GMO plants that needed to be "turned on" in order to grow or become fertile.

One study noted that 11 new patents were held by the newly-formed Syngenta. These patents allowed "genetic modification of staple crops which will produce disease prone plants (unless treated with chemicals); control the fertility of crops; control when plants flower; control when crops sprout; control how crops age."

The implications of Terminator and Traitor technology in the hands of the GMO agribusiness giants were difficult to grasp. For the first time in history, it would allow three or four private multinational seed companies to dictate terms to world farmers for their seed.

The major gene seed companies, in concert with the US Government, began employing increasingly coercive tactics to force GMO seeds down the throats of the world population, especially in the developing world. Among their techniques of persuasion, the genetic seed companies employed bribery, coercion, and illegal smuggling of their GMO seeds into country after country to "spread the Gospel of GMO salvation."

In 2002, the State Department instructed all its aid agencies to act as international policemen. They were instructed by USAID, a Government agency, to immediately report to them any opposition in a recipient country, to GMO food imports. They were told to collect documentation to determine if the anti-GMO attitude of the local government was "trade or politically motivated' If they determined it was trade motivated, the US Government had recourse to the WTO or to the threat of WTO sanctions against the aid recipient country, usually a potent threat against poor countries.

To help Monsanto, DuPont and the other US seed giants spread GMO seeds. The US State Department and US Department of Agriculture coordinated to give emergency famine relief aid in the form of genetically modified US surplus commodities, a practice condemned by international aid organizations, as it destroyed a country's local agricultural economy in the process of opening new markets for Monsanto and friends.

USAID mandated that US-based food aid organizations ship only grain provided by USAID which meant genetically modified US grain.

The clear strategy of Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and the Washington Government backing them was to introduce the GMO seeds in every corner of the globe, with priority on defenceless, highly indebted African and other developing countries, or countries like Poland and Ukraine where government controls were minimal and official corruption rampant.

Once planted, the seeds would spread rapidly across the land. At a later date, the GMO seed multinationals, using threats of WTO sanctions, would be in a position to dominate the seed supply of the major growing areas of the planet, to give or deny the means of life sustenance as they saw fit. In intelligence parlance, such a capacity was called the power of "strategic denial." A potential enemy or rival would be denied a strategic resource--energy or, in this case, food--or be threatened with denial, unless they agreed to certain policy demands by those controlling the resource.

In San Diego, a small, privately-owned biotech company, Epicyte, held a press conference in September 2001 to make an announcement about its work. Epicyte reported that they had successfully created the ultimate GMO crop-contraceptive corn. They had taken antibodies from women with a rare condition known as immune infertility, isolated the genes that regulated the manufacture of those infertility antibodies, and, using genetic engineering techniques, had inserted the genes into ordinary corn seeds used to produce corn plants.

Powerful elite circles of the United States ... backed the introduction of genetically modified seeds into the world food chain as a strategic priority. That elite included not only the Rockefeller and Ford foundations and most other foundations tied to the large private family fortunes of the wealthiest American families. It also included the US State Department, the National Security Council, the US Department of Agriculture, as well as the leading policy circles of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, along with agencies of the United Nations including WHO and FAO.

... The folks at the Rockefeller Foundation were deadly serious about wanting to solve the world hunger problem through the worldwide proliferation of GMO seeds and crops. only their presumed method to do so aimed at a "supply side" solution rather than the "demand side.')They were out to limit population by going after the human reproductive process itself.

For any skeptics who doubted their intent, they needed only to look at the foundation's work with the United Nations' World Health Organization in Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines and other poorer developing countries. The foundation had quietly funded a WHO program in "reproductive health' which had developed an innovative tetanus vaccine. It was no spur of the moment decision by the people at Rockefeller. Nor could they claim to be unaware of the true nature of their research funding. They had worked with WHO researchers since 1972 to develop a new double-whammy vaccine, at the same time during which the foundation had been funding research in other bio-technology areas including genetically engineered crops.

In the early 1990's, according to a report from the Global Vaccine Institute, the WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program and decided to test numerous vials of the vaccine and found them to contain human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or hCG. That was a curious component for a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds or other contact with certain bacteria found in soil. The tetanus disease was indeed, also rather rare.

It was also curious because hCG was a natural hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, it stimulated the formation of antibodies against hCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.

The Comite Pro Vida organization confirmed several other curious facts about the WHO vaccination program. The tetanus vaccine had been given only to women in the child-bearing ages between 1545. It was not given to men or children. Furthermore, it was usually given in a series of three vaccinations only months apart to insure that women had a high enough dosage of hCG, even though one tetanus injection held for at least ten years. The presence of hCG was a clear contamination of the vaccine. None of the women receiving the Tetanus hCG vaccine were told it contained an abortion agent. The WHO clearly intended it that way.

Pro Vida dug further and learned that the Rockefeller Foundation, working with John D. Rockefeller Ill's Population Council, the World Bank, the UN Development Program and the Ford Foundation, and others had been working with the WHO for 20 years to develop an anti-fertility vaccine using hCG with tetanus as well as with other vaccines.

... The respected British medical journal, The Lancet, in a June 11, 1988 article entitled "Clinical Trials of a WHO Birth Control Vaccine' confirmed the findings of the Comite Pro Vida de Mexico. Why a Tetanus Toxoid "Carrier"? Because the human body does not attack its own naturally occurring hormone hCG, the body has to be fooled into treating hCG as an invading enemy in order to develop a successful anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG antibodies.

Population reduction and genetically engineered crops were clearly part of the same broad strategy: the drastic reduction of the world's population. It was in fact a sophisticated form of what the Pentagon termed biological warfare, promulgated under the name of "solving the world hunger problem."

The US and UK governments' relentless backing for the global spread of genetically modified seeds was in fact the implementation of a decades long policy of the Rockefeller Foundation since the 1930's, when it funded Nazi eugenics research--i.e. mass-scale population reduction, and control of darker-skinned races by an Anglo-Saxon white elite. As some of these circles saw it, war as a means of population reduction was costly and not that efficient.

... Reflecting the discussion in US senior military circles, Lt. Col. Robert P. Kadlec, USAF, of the College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, discussed in a book written in the 1990's, Battlefield of the Future, the biowarfare potential of genetically engineered crops. He referred to GMO-based biological weapons as cost-effective" weapons of mass destruction.

... Kadlec then went on to state that, "Using biological weapons under the cover of an endemic or natural disease occurrence provides an attacker the potential for plausible denial. In this context, biological weapons offer greater possibilities for use than do nuclear weapons."

A 2004 study by the British Medical Association concluded that the world was perhaps only a few years away from "terrifying biological weapons capable of killing only people of specific ethnic groups' citing advances in "genetic weapons technology."

"We're tempted to say that nobody in their right mind would ever use these things' remarked Stanford University biophysicist, Professor Steven Block, a man with years of personal experience . with classified Pentagon and Government biological research. "But", Block added, "not everybody is in their right mind."

According to a growing number of animal health experts, factory farming, rather than the small C free-roaming chicken operations of Asia, was the real source of horrendous new diseases and viruses such as H5N1.

report 'Beyond Factory Farming', described likely transmission pathways [of the H1N1 virus]

In Thailand, China and Vietnam there is a highly developed industrial poultry industry... The large poultry companies raise millions of birds ... export live birds and eggs ... and produce and export feed which often includes "litter" (i.e., manure) in the ingredients.

Manure that may contain live virus is spread on surrounding farmland, or exported as fertilizer, and through run-off may end up in surface waters where wild birds feed and rest. Chicken manure is even found in fish farm feed formulations where it is introduced directly into the aquatic environment. Wild birds and poultry that have fallen victim to HPA1 in Asia, Turkey and Nigeria appear to have been directly exposed to HPA1 virus originating in the factory farm industry.

By early 2006, it seemed clear that the five or six giant poultry agribusiness multinationals, five US-based and one Thai-based and White House-connected, were moving to industrialize the majority of world chicken production, the main meat protein source for much of the planet, especially in Asia.

Within the space of little more than two decades, GMO science had enabled a small handful of private global agribusiness companies--three of them American-based--to secure a major foothold and patent rights to world production of such essential feed grains as rice, corn, soybeans and soon wheat. By 2006, riding the fear of an Avian Flu human pandemic, the GMO or Gene Revolution players were clearly aiming to conquer the world's most important source of meat protein, poultry.

In 1980, the United States Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, Diamond vs. Chakrabarty, declared the "anything under the sun that is made "by man" is patentable.

Population reduction and genetically engineered crops were part of the same broad strategy: drastic targeted reduction of the world's population--genocide--the systematic elimination of entire population groups was the result of a willful policy, promulgated under the name of "solving the world hunger problem."

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